Platform Release Notes

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb 2024 at 11:28 AM


02-12-2024: Collaborative Editing

  1. Collaborative Editing: We've added the ability for publication owners to collaboratively edit with each other and with the assignee of the current workflow step.

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01-23-2024: New YJS Backend for Text Editor

  1. YJS: We've integrated a new back-end into our text editor to eliminate the saving and the garbled text errors that users had encountered previously.

10-18-2023: New Tasks Page

  1. Tasks (beta): We've released a new and improved Tasks page for all platform users. This page can be used by MEs/Owners to manage any work that needs attention on their Publication(s). Contributors can use this page to keep track of their current and upcoming work, along with any Pitches they've submitted.

*This feature will be in a beta release status until the EoY, while we collect & integrate feedback from users  

08-09-2023: Request Revisions

  1. Request Revisions: Users are able to request revisions to the previous workflow step by selecting the manual transition dropdown and selecting the prior step. When sending back for revisions, users can include details that are relevant to the writer.  

07-07-2023: Cancel payments / Sticky save & cancel / Add users from workflows

  1. Cancel Payments (Self-Service): Managers/owners are now able to cancel workflow steps with payments associated with them, all on their own! 

  2. Sticky Save & Cancel Buttons: When creating or editing a workflow, managers/owners will notice the new Save & Cancel buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen (after scrolling down). We put this here to make our Workflow experience even better.

  3. Add Users from Workflows tab: Managers/owners are now able to add new users to their publications directly from the Workflow tab. There is no longer a need to go back and forth to our User Management section to do this 

06-26-2023: Account deletion / Roles tooltip / Collapsed workflow steps

  1. Self-Service Account Deletion: Freelancers are now able to delete their portfolios without needing to contact support. 

  2. Completed Workflow Steps: When editing a workflow on a story where some of the steps have already been completed, Managers and Owners will notice that they appear collapsed when entering the edit state. This is for convenience sake. They can be toggled open by clicking on the arrow.

  3. User Manager Roles: Updated UI/UX for how the Roles are being displayed to users from within the user management screen

06-12-2023: Load time / Buttons / Beta editor Opt-in

  1. Workflow load time: When editing a story workflow with > 20 steps, the time it previously took to load the edit page was excessive. This lag has been eliminated

  2. Story library buttons: The filter icon on the stories page has been updated to match the icon in the calendar library. This is also true for the stying of the Download to PDF button

  3. TEv2 opt-in: The button to opt-in to TEv2 has been removed from all external publications

05-30-2023: Additional Formats in Beta editor

  1. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn formats have been added to TEv2

  2. Design format has been added to TEv2 (previously Infographic)

  3. Photo, Presentation, and Podcast formats have also been added to TEv2

05-16-2023: Workflow Improvements (On-Hold)

  1. Place Story On-Hold: Users now have the ability to place a story in an on-hold status.

  2. Updated Filters: Users can locate their on-hold stories by clicking on the new filter on the Calendar and Stories pages.
  3. Associated Notifications: When a story is placed on-hold, contributors assigned to incomplete workflow steps will receive an email notifying them that the story has been paused. When a story is resumed, contributors assigned to incomplete workflow steps will receive an email notifying them that the story has been resumed. All notifications will be paused while the story is in on-hold status. 

04-25-2023: Workflow Improvements

  1. Begin Task Button: Updated language for clarity ('Claim' story ➡️ 'Begin Task').

  2. TEv2 Video Format: Introduced video format support for TEv2 stories.
  3. Move MT CTA: Improved visibility and style of manual workflow transition button (relocated to the top of the edit workflow screen).

04-17-2023: Text Editor (v2) Improvements

  1. Enhanced Editor Header: We've fixed the issue with the sticky header, ensuring that all essential tools remain visible as you scroll down the page.

  2. Optimized Story Cloning: Successfully addressed the content porting issue during story cloning, ensuring a smoother experience for users.

04-03-2023: Notification Improvements

  1. TEv2 Default Editor: Enabled for a select cohort of clients.

  2. User Tagging: Added "@" sign functionality in comment editing.
  3. Comment Management: Introduced ability to un-resolve comments.

03-29-2023: Release of Calendar Improvements Initiative

  1.  Download PDF version of Calendar: Users can now download a PDF version of their editorial calendar, making it     easier to share with others at their organization. 
  2. Month picker to jump between months: Users can now quickly jump between months using the new month picker feature. This saves time when trying to navigate to the future or past months.
  3. Sticky header for the Calendar header and month picker: The header and month picker are now sticky, allowing users to see them at all times, no matter where they are on the page. 
  4. Expand/Collapse stories on days that have 3+ scheduled stories: Users can now expand and collapse days that have three or more scheduled stories. This makes it easier to navigate the calendar when there are a lot of scheduled stories.

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