Contently's video policies

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  1. Video projects take at least 8 weeks from the date of the kickoff call to complete.

  2. Clients will have the option to receive 3 pitches from vendors hand selected by the talent team on all projects above $15,000.

  3. Projects with a budget below $15,000 will be matched by the talent team with a single vendor who will compile a pitch for the project.

  4. We cannot guarantee quality on projects below $10,000 and may not be able to staff projects below $8,000.

Video Brief / Pitching Process:

  1. The pitching process may take up to 2 weeks from receipt of a complete video brief but can sometimes take longer for projects with unique needs or location requirements that warrant an out of network talent search.

  2. When a brief is submitted a pitch request will be created and assigned to vendors selected by the talent team. They will then have 5 business days to submit a pitch.

  3. When all pitches are submitted the client will receive an email with notes and recommendations from the talent team.

  4. Pitches will expire 21 days after they are submitted.

Series: Pitches will be priced on a per video basis. For a series, the client should commit to a specific number of episodes in the video brief and pitches will be priced accordingly. Without a specific number of videos, a proposed per video budget will only be a rough estimate and will vary depending on the eventual final episode order.



  1. All projects are required to submit a detailed script, outline or storyboard. Vendors who skip this step will not be eligible for future work with Contently.

  2. All projects are required to submit two rough cuts. The first should be a rough assembly. The second should be as close to a final cut as possible.

  3. Production will only begin after the client approves a script, outline or storyboard.

  4. The talent team will require additional time and cannot guarantee staffing on international projects.

Notes / Review:

  1. All projects will have an opportunity for review and feedback on, 1) a detailed script, outline, or storyboard 2) a rough cut, and 3) a revised cut.

  2. It is the client's responsibility to communicate all notes during each round of review in a timely manner (we recommend 2 business days) to keep a project on schedule.

  3. It is the client's responsibility to communicate all notes before approving the project to move on to the next stage.

  4. It is up to the vendor to determine a reasonable level of revisions for all rounds and to communicate this with the managing editor, Customer Success lead, and client.

  5. Additional revisions outside what is determined reasonable will incur a 20% fee.

Contracts / Releases / COI:

  1. The use of contracts is not necessary as creating and accepting projects in the Contently Platform acts as an electronic agreement of work, making a contract redundant and possibly contradictory.

  2. It is the client's responsibility to alert the vendor to any required releases or certificates of insurance. If the vendor is not alerted by kickoff, it will be assumed these are not needed and we cannot guarantee they will be provided or filled out.

  3. Vendors who can provide a COI will be given priority by the talent team.

Payment/ Cancellation

  1. Payment will occur in 3 steps. 50% upon delivery of a script, 25% with delivery of the first rough cut and 25% with final delivery.

  2. Cancellation through no fault of the vendor will incur penalties. This is to protect vendors as they devote significant time and resources to all aspects of production, from the pitching process to final delivery.

  3. If a project is canceled during pre production (A project is considered in pre production 24 hours after the kickoff call through script approval) the client will be responsible for paying 50% of the agreed upon budget.

  4. If cancellation occurs after production has begun (A project is considered in production once the script is approved) the client will be responsible for paying 100% of the agreed upon project budget, regardless of the amount of work completed.

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