What types of videos can I make with Contently?

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When starting a video project, often one of the biggest obstacles is deciding what type of video to make.


The answer depends on a number of factors, including the purpose of the video (unveil a new product, or build brand awareness?), the intended audience (social media followers, or investors at an annual shareholder meeting?), and the tone (playful, or serious?).


This information can help you select appropriate video formats. To help you, here's a list of the most common branded video formats and how to leverage them for maximum impact.


For the purposes of this guide we'll break videos into two categories:

  1. Brand-building videos

  2. Informational videos

Brand-Building Videos:

1. Narrative


These videos tell a story that conveys a company's values. They may feature an inspiring figure going about their day and talking about challenges or passions with no obvious brand tie-in until the end.


Great for: getting customers to associate a brand with the feelings or values conveyed in the video.


The best: inspire, empower and invite the viewer to take action.


You see these: on TV commercials, YouTube, Facebook and company websites.


2. Social / How-To


The full randomness of the internet is on display in social videos: dessert recipes, revealing the secrets to a great DIY bath bomb, or something else totally out of left field.


Great for: giving life to a brand and encouraging likes and shares.


The best: are fun, playful, shareable and SHORT.


You see these: on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and social channels like Buzzfeed Tasty.



Informational Videos

1. Product Videos


Customers love it when they can watch a video about a product rather than read about it. Product videos are intended to highlight or build buzz around specific products/services or product features.


Great for: drumming up excitement for an upcoming product launch or redefining an existing product line.


The best: showcase a product by weaving it creatively into a story line.


You see these: on TV commercials, YouTube, Facebook, and company websites.


2. Interviews / Testimonials


Interviews may conjure nightmare images of dull talking heads, but when done well they can be as compelling as any other type of video.


Great for: conveying information, success stories and putting a human face to a brand.


The best: capture the subject's energy and charisma.


You see these: on YouTube, Facebook, and company websites.


3. Animated Explainers


These turn complicated information into quick, digestible narrated explainers.


Great for: demystifying a complex topic, product or service.


The best: present information in clear, concise terms with energy and — if desired — an easy-to-identify brand aesthetic.


You see these: on YouTube, Facebook, and company websites.


4. Documentaries


Documentaries are usually serious in nature, though they can take a playful approach. They cover complex topics or people and present them up close in a relatable, human format.


Great for: demonstrating a company's values or commitment to social issues.


The best: offer an engaging journalistic take on weightier subjects.


You see these: on YouTube, Facebook, and social channels like Vox.


Want to learn more? Ask your Customer Success lead for an overview of Contently's video capabilities and read our article How do I make a video with Contently?

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