How to Delete Your Contently Account

Modified on Thu, 6 Jul, 2023 at 10:22 AM

If you're a freelancer on Contently and have decided to part ways with the platform, deleting your account is a straightforward process. However, it's important to follow a few essential steps before clicking the "Delete Account" button. This article will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth transition. Remember that deleting your account will remove your portfolio and permanently revoke your access to the Contently platform.

Step 1: Cash Out Your Funds

Before proceeding with the account deletion, it is crucial to cash out any available funds in your Contently account. This will ensure that you receive payment for the work you've completed. Follow the steps in this Contently article to cash out your funds. Once your funds are successfully withdrawn, you can proceed with deleting your account.

Step 2: Remove Yourself from Active Workflows

If you're currently involved in any active workflows on Contently it's essential to remove yourself from those projects before deleting your account. This ensures a smooth transition for your clients and fellow collaborators. Follow these steps to remove yourself from active workflows:

Log in to your Contently account using your credentials.

  1. Access your stories page and click on the “working on” filter to identify any active projects you are currently involved in.
  2. Inform your clients and relevant team members about your decision to leave the platform.
  3. Ask them to remove you from the workflow or the step will revert to “unassigned” once you complete your account deletion 

Once you have been removed from all active workflows, you can proceed with the account deletion.

Step 3: Deleting Your Account

Now that you have cashed out your funds and removed yourself from any active workflows, you are ready to delete your Contently account. Follow these steps to complete the account deletion process:

1. Log in to your Contently account using your credentials.

2. Navigate to your account settings in the avatar menu.

3. Click on “Profile” in the left navigation

4. Scroll down to find "Delete Account”. Click on it.

5. A confirmation dialog box will appear, asking you to verify your decision. Read the information provided carefully.

Note: If you have successfully cashed out your funds, you can proceed with the account deletion.

6. Confirm your decision to delete your account.

Your account and portfolio will be permanently deleted, and you will no longer have access to your portfolio, and uploaded projects, and can no longer be staffed on a Contently project.

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