How to mark stories as Published and add Publish URLs

Modified on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 12:01 PM

One great way to keep track of your published content and ensure it's included in reporting such as Content Value is to make sure you have a Published URL for your completed content. Doing so will...

  • Make it clear to all users where the content was published, which is helpful for record-keeping and potential content refreshes. 

  • Includes your content in your Content Value reporting

  • Helps pair your stories on Performance Analytics with the story entry in Contently 


How to Mark Stories as Published and Add Published URLs

Firstly, this process will happen automatically if you use either our WordPress or Drupal integrations! So if you're a customer who takes advantage of those Integrations, sit back and relax. The details below will walk you through how to do this manually if that's not the case for your account. 


  1. Mark Story as Published

To mark your story as Published, your story will first need to be completed meaning it has completed all workflow steps. From there, please click the "MARK AS PUBLISHED" button as shown below. You'll see a banner notification confirming this.


2. Save Published URL

Once you've done the above, you'll see a URL field appear for you to enter the URL of your published content. From there, please click the save button and you'll see a confirmation of the published link being saved. After this is done, you'll see this data in your Content Value reporting!


If you ever need to edit this link because of an error, or if you move the content, you can just click the pencil icon, enter a new URL, and click save! 


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