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We provide several checks to ensure that your story is ready for publication. Below is a breakdown of each quality assurance tool. 


Plagiarism checker

The plagiarism checker automatically scans the web to make sure each story is original.


In the rare case the plagiarism checker finds duplicate content, it notifies your managing editor and/or our talent team. These editors conduct a thorough review of the story to determine if content has been copied. 


Note: Authors of plagiarized content are automatically removed from the client publication and banned from the Contently talent network. 


Broken link checker 

Broken links reflect poorly on a publication. The broken link checker ensures that every link that's included in the story takes the reader to its intended source. This tool will speed up this tedious, yet important, task. 


Note: The broken link checker is a great tool to use on evergreen content as links contained in older stories may have broken since the original time of publication. 


Double words

Double words are usually a result of a typing error, but affect the quality and readability of the piece. The double words tool ensures your content does not contain instances of double words. (Nobody likes to get tripped up by a "the the," or "that that.") 


Hidden verbs

A hidden verb is a verb turned into a noun when combined with another verb. 




With hidden verb: "Please make an application for a personal loan."


Without hidden verb:  "Please apply for a personal loan."


Even if you’re a grammar pro, it’s easy to miss a hidden verb when you’re moving fast. This tool notes any hidden verbs so you can use the most direct language to communicate your point. 


Passive voice 

The passive voice is when the subject of a sentence is acted on by the verb (instead of performing the action). 




Passive voice: Why was the road crossed by the chicken?


Active voice: Why did the chicken cross the road?


While passive voice is occasionally okay, excessive use muddies your point. The passive voice tool points out the passive voice in your story text. Not all instances will require fixing, but this is a great way to detect phrases that may need your attention. This tool also helps train writers to avoid the passive voice. 


If you have any additional questions about the quality tools, please reach out to your Customer Success lead.

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