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The style and tone tab of Review section of a story has a set of tools that allow users to monitor and enforce different rules in a publication's style guide. By using these tools, editors can know the tone of a story and how it compares with overall tone. They can also monitor the usage of blocklisted words or any instance of first person use in case the publication doesn't allow that.

Readability level

Readability level is calculated using a formula that considers total number of words, sentences, and syllables in the content. The result is then mapped to the U.S. high school grade levels.


Just like reading time, the desired value of readability depends on the publication's goal with the said piece of content. If you are writing for an academic audience, a higher readability level could work; however if you are writing for mass consumption, going for a lower grade level is the way to go.


Blocklisted words

This tool helps brands to make sure that the stories don't contain words or phrases that go against their brand image or are not allowed for whatever reason. Anytime a story has a word that the brand has marked as blocklisted, we will highlight and report it under this section.


To set up the blocklisted words, you or your editor can go under the tone and voice section of your content strategy. There they will see a text field where they can specify as many words or phrases separated by a comma. Once the words have been added and saved, our tools will keep an eye out for every usage of these words, so the editors can be sure to catch them and enforce brand governance to the fullest. 


First person

For some brands, use of the first person goes against brand guidelines. Just like the blocklisted words and tone, you can specify your publication doesn't allow first person perspective within your content strategy. The first person tool hunts for all instances of first person in your content. This tool is a great time saver for brands prohibiting the use of first person.


If you have any additional questions about style and tone, please reach out to your Customer Success lead.

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