Who do I assign my story brief to?

Modified on Sun, 27 Nov, 2022 at 5:43 PM

Contently gives you the option to assign briefs to teams of freelancers or individual freelancers. Here's how to decide which route is right for your project.


Should I assign my brief to a team or a freelancer?

Assign to a freelancer if you have one in mind who is a great fit for the project. Maybe you reviewed the freelancer's portfolio and think it's a match, or maybe you've worked with the freelancer before. Either way, if you have a freelancer in mind, we recommend reaching out before assigning (see below).


Assign to a team if all the freelancers on the team are good candidates for the project. If you assign to a team, the project will be assigned to the first team member who claims it.


How do I know which freelancer is right for the project?

If you have a managing editor, they can vet freelancers and choose the best fit. If not, there are a few things to keep in mind when vetting contributors:

  • Take a look at their relevant work, experience, and fields of expertise on their portfolio page.

  • Ask yourself, "Does this person have the expertise and background to write what I'm looking for?" as you go through their work.

  • Fill out a talent request if new talent is needed.

Should I reach out to a freelancer before assigning a brief?

It's good practice to reach out to freelancers to discuss briefs before assigning them. You'll want to confirm the freelancer is a good match for the project and available to complete it within the desired timeframe.


Set up a kickoff call for big projects to be sure you're aligned on project scope and expectations. Reach out via the platform to set up the call.


If there's a freelancer you want to contact from the Talent page, you can invite them to your team and then use the messaging function on the platform. Note that inviting them (and their accepting the invitation) is not contractual.

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