Multimedia Workflows

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Each multimedia format supported by the Contently platform has a different workflow. Below we walk through how to create each one as well as demo videos showing how to upload all deliverables onto the story. Depending on the project and client requests, each workflow can look a little different, but in general this is how you should be aiming to develop the steps for each deliverable. 


As for the timeline, this is a conversation to be had with the content creator, to ensure they have enough time to create quality work. The following workflows also assume that there has already been contact with that content creator (such as a kickoff call) and terms have been agreed upon.



The video workflow has 3 different deliverables: script, storyboard and video, although this can vary depending on what the client and vendor agree on during the kickoff call (which should happen before creating the story). There should be enough time between the final approval of the script/storyboard and the first cut of the video to make sure they can shoot what is needed.


Sample video workflow steps:

How to upload script, storyboard and video to a story:


When creating any type of design content, you will need to use the infographic story format to use the image editing feature. There are 2 deliverables: the copy and the design. Rarely does a designer also create the copy, so plan to leave a healthy amount of time between steps for the copy to be created by the writer and the design deliverable to come in from the designer.


Sample design workflow steps:

Written copy


How to upload copy and design to a story:


Uploading content onto a photo story will vary depending on how many photos you are turning in. If a client is only looking for 1-5 photos, they can be uploaded directly to the story. If they want to see the entire album, you might want to use a program such as WeTransfer. Please keep in mind: making your way through this workflow usually requires more time for editing if there are a lot of photos.


Sample photography workflow steps:

How to upload photos to a story:


There is no audio editor on the Contently platform but the workflow steps are similar to previous multimedia projects. To add the audio file for review, you need to add it as an asset.


Sample podcast workflow steps:

Script Outline:

Episode Production:

How to upload podcasts to a story:


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