Once someone creates a portfolio and becomes part of Contently's talent network, their first question is usually, "What happens now?"

Setting Up Your Portfolio

To be considered in our contributor review process, your portfolio needs the following:

  1. A bio listing your areas of expertise

  2. 10 different projects and 3 different clients

  3. Topics and skills added to at least 3 clips

  4. To be marked as "Available for Work"

When these portfolio requirements are met, the talent team will review your portfolio. Learn more on how to set up your portfolio.

Note: The review process can last anywhere from a few of weeks to several months, depending on what are our clients are looking for at the time.

Registration to Staffing

Every qualified portfolio goes through an initial approval process. The talent team reviews your portfolio to see if your expertise and skills fit with what our clients are looking for from contributors.

If approved, you'll receive an email notification with a link to a short tutorial on the Contently platform. Once you've taken the training, it's logged in our system, and our algorithm will begin surfacing your portfolio to our clients.

If a client is interested in working with you, you'll receive an email notification that will include information about the publication and what kind of content they're trying to create. To join the client's team, you can click on the "Get Started" button in the email.

Example of an email notification when you are invited to join a client's team:

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