So you have recently been added to Contently, and now you're ready to start using the platform to create and manage your content. Below is an overview of what Contently offers, and what your user access allows you to use. If you have any questions, click the chat bubble on the right side!

If you have a Collaborator user role, that means you have limited-access to the platform within your organization. This means that your role is focused on reviewing and approving content. Other users within your organization are responsible for creating new stories, assigning workflows, etc. 

Below are the key areas that you can use Contently, and additional information on what the intended use of these tools are and how to use them everyday.

Write, edit, finalize and publish content

After you create a piece of content in Contently, it then needs to go through the process of being written, reviewed, finalized and published. To learn more about how this process work in Contently, and how it can be customized to fit you internal needs, click here to learn more.

Organizing and finding content

Through creating content in Contently, you'll of course need to then find those assets and get an understanding of what in development needs immediate attention. We have several tools that allow you manage and find content, click here to read more about these tools. It important to note that the Collaborator role only allows you to see content you're working on.

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