Although you may feel that you've made full use the portfolio page so you can be selected for paid work, there are a few small details you should keep in mind.

Here are the details that separate great portfolios from OK ones.

Profile Picture

You may not be a picture person and Contently doesn't require a profile picture, but it's always a nice touch when the client or the Talent Team can see a face. Just like a LinkedIn portfolio, it's an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and humanize your work.


It's crucial you fill out the bio section to list out and explain your field(s) of expertise. This way, clients can get a general understanding of who you are as a freelancer and see if your projects match your claims.


Adding photos to your projects makes your portfolio more eye-catching and that much more visually pleasing to scroll through. If a photo from your project doesn't upload automatically, you should upload one manually.

It's also important to keep text previews clean and concise. You can either show the first few sentences of your project or you can write one or two sentence summary of the clips. Stick to one method to keep your portfolio uniform.

First Name, Last Name

Your name is one of the first things clients and the Talent Team see when viewing your profile. There are some contributors who don't capitalize the first letter of their first and last name. Perhaps that's for aesthetics, to exude a minimalistic style. But Fortune 500 companies and the Talent Team may read that as a mistake, or simply not quite as professional. Projects on your portfolio may be for top publications but if your name isn't capitalized, there's a disconnect.

This also applies to those who capitalize their whole first and last name. Completely capitalized words (in this case, names) come across as aggressive or loud through the screen.

Broken or Incorrect Links

No one likes getting the 404 error message. To ensure all links are working correctly, we recommend you click into one project for every publication you have on your portfolio. This will make sure the portfolio is reading your sites correctly, and will avoid any issues potential clients have in accessing your work.

Skills & Topics

All new Projects added to your portfolio require you to associate Skills and Topics, to help Contently better understand what you're able to do for our clients.

In fact, to be considered for a contributor to receive an opportunity through Contently in 2018, you'll need to add skills and topics to any existing projects as well. Although you can list each skill or topic once, the more the skill or topic is listed, the higher you are ranked for that particular skill or topic.

If your skill or topic isn't listed in the drop-down menu, please feel free to request it and based on contributor feedback, we'll add it to the list. In the meantime, please use your best judgment to use one that is currently listed.

Intelligent Talent Recommendations

Contently often staffs client projects using an algorithm that combs through contributor portfolios to identify the right fit (which we've dubbed 'Intelligent Talent Recommendations'). It takes into account your bio, topics, skills, project titles, and other elements on a portfolio.

Take some time to go through your portfolio while keeping these suggestions in mind because your portfolio is the first impression clients will have of you.

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