To maximize your chances of being selected for work with our clients, there are a few details you should focus on when managing your Contently portfolio.

Profile Picture

Contently doesn't require a profile picture, but it's always a nice touch when the client or the talent team can see a face. Just like a LinkedIn portfolio, it's an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and humanize your work.

First Name, Last Name

Your name is one of the first things clients and the Contently talent team see when viewing your profile. There are some contributors who don't capitalize the first letter of their first and last name. Perhaps that's for aesthetics, to exude a minimalistic style. But Fortune 500 companies may consider that a mistake or simply not as professional as they're expecting.

This also applies to those who capitalize their whole first and last name. Completely capitalized words (in this case, names) can come across as aggressive. We recommend using standard sentence case when filling out your portfolio.


It's crucial you fill out the bio section to summarize your expertise. This way, clients can get a general understanding of who you are as a freelancer and see if your projects match your claims.


Previously a journalist at NYT. I specialize in fintech, healthcare tech, and B2B SaaS. Also have experience in helping clients build content strategies.


Adding photos to your projects makes your portfolio more visually appealing. If a photo from your project doesn't upload automatically, you should upload one manually.

It's also important to keep text previews clean and concise. You can either show the first few sentences of your project or write a one-or two-sentence summary of the clips. Stick to one method to keep your portfolio consistent.

No one likes getting the 404 error message. To ensure all links are working correctly, we recommend you test at least one project for every publication you have on your portfolio (if you have time, double checking all links is best). This way, you will avoid any potential issues if clients want to look at your work,.

Skills & Topics

When you add a new project to your portfolio, you'll be asked to select relevant skills and topics. This helps Contently better understand what you're able to do for our clients.

In fact, to be considered for a contributor to receive an opportunity through Contently, you'll need to add skills and topics to any existing projects as well. Although you can list each skill or topic once, the more the skill or topic is listed, the higher you are ranked for that particular skill or topic.

If your skill or topic isn't listed in the drop-down menu, you can fill out this form to request that we add it to the list. In the meantime, please use your best judgment to pick a related skill or topics that is already listed.

Intelligent Talent Recommendations

Contently often staffs client projects using an algorithm called Intelligent Talent Recommendations that sorts through portfolios to identify possible contributors for a client. It takes into account your bio, topics, skills, project titles, and other elements on a portfolio.

Take some time to go through your portfolio while keeping these suggestions in mind because your portfolio is your chance to make a strong first impression that could lead to client work.

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