Welcome to Contently! We're so excited that you chose our portfolio feature. It's a fun and fancy way to present your work to the world, and—even better—you might land a job from Contently based on your experience.

Your portfolio is the first impression clients and the Creative Marketplace team will have of you and your work, so we highly recommend taking the time to fill out all sections thoroughly.

Behind the scenes of our vetting process: after your first sign-out after creating your Contently portfolio, our software will scan your portfolio to determine whether or not you are pre-approved based on the state of your portfolio at that time. Once pre-approved, your portfolio will then be vetted by the Creative Marketplace team.

In other words, take the time to fill out as much of your portfolio as you can when you’re first signing up. If you were to, for example, register with Contently and only add your profile picture before deciding to finish your portfolio at another time, our software will review that portfolio as-is and will not pre-approve.

We want you to get approved, trained, and assigned work with our clients as much as you do! And there are several things you can do with your portfolio to increase your chances of getting noticed. Below is a guide to help you set up your portfolio the right way right from the start.

Pro tip: as you make your way through the below steps of how to set up your portfolio, please check out this article for a detailed guide explaining the what and why behind each item.

Check out our Perfect Portfolio as an example.

Filling in the top portion of your portfolio

By clicking “Edit Portfolio”, you’ll be able to upload a profile picture, add your personal information (name, email, phone number, location), include a personal website URL and other social network links, and share your title, primary skill, and a brief bio.

Adding a new clip by direct link

Adding a new clip by PDF

Editing clip titles, description and images

Rearranging clips by dragging and dropping

Deleting clips individually

Bulk selecting clips to send to the bottom, send to the top, or delete

Setting up view mode

Make your clips “Contently only” (these projects will not be viewable on your public portfolio, but will appear on your portfolio if the user is signed in as a Contently internal user or Contently client):

Please direct any questions or feedback to help@contently.com.

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