Adding the skills you used to complete a particular project in your portfolio helps Contently to learn the type of work you're able to complete. If a client specifically requests a skill that you have listed, it increases your chance of being matched for work—making it essential to complete this part of your portfolio
To add skills, first click "Edit or add projects" from your portfolio page. 

In the list of your projects seen on the next screen, click the small pencil icon to edit the project.

From here, scroll down to find a Skills dropdown field. Here, you are able to select up to three skills you used to complete the project. Once selected, click Save at the bottom. From here, you can move on to do the same for your next project.


Topics will be applied automatically to all of your projects, but you can also manually edit this section. You can find this section right above the Skills section when editing or uploading a project.

Important notes:

  • The skills and topics options available for selection are based on the needs of Contently customers. If you do not see a particular skill or topic listed, please fill out this form with a suggestion.
  • We're unable to decide which skills are the best fit for your projects. If you're between two options, either select both skills or simply use your best judgment.
  • In order to be matched on a particular skill, it must appear at least once in your projects. This means that you do not need to add the same skill to every project on your portfolio (as that would be quite arduous). However, we do recommend adding your strongest skills to several projects to increase your chances of being selected.
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