The Infographic Pricing Guide is a tool created to help Contently Managing Editors (or in their absence, Account Managers and Clients) align on a standard process, workflow, and pricing methodology for infographics created through Contently.

To make pricing simple, we created two classes of infographics: Infographic and InfographicPLUS. Generally speaking, Infographics are simple designs that fit on the screen, while InfographicPLUSs are longer-form, multi-chapter graphics.

Terminology: The guide introduces a few key terms — most notably chapters, which represent the different sections of an infographic. The more chapters, the more complex, and the higher the project fee.

Workflows: We've also placed a great deal of emphasis on the wireframe stage, in order to prevent major re-work and change in project scope during the design and revision phases.

Pricing Elements: While both Infographic and InfographicPLUS include standard features, you can (and should) charge for extras such as a suite of social snippets, rush turnaround, and additional chapters.

What's rush turnaround? We recommend 15 business days to our clients as a standard project timeline for basic Infographics, but it's up to you and your point of contact to discuss and determine what's realistic for a specific project.

The main goal behind this guide is to have both our Designers and our Clients/Editors speaking the same language to create a more efficient process of assigning, scoping, and accepting infographic projects.

Note the concept of half chapters here. We wanted to show you that these guidelines are meant to be flexible. Like all content created with contently, nothing about pricing or format or structure is set in stone. This guide is meant to empower you with a framework for scoping a project, but ultimately you'll have to use your best judgement and work with the Managing Editor to come to an agreed project rate.

You can access the full guide here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Talent Team at

Please keep in mind that the prices listed in this guide do not include the 15% Contently margin and are not final prices for all Contently infographics; some enterprise clients have their own rate cards.

The client-facing version of this guide can be found at

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