On average, Contently pays its contributors the highest rates in the industry, and we expect the highest quality work in return. That said, our software gives clients the flexibility to pay different rates based on the scope of any given project. We work with clients to educate them on appropriate pay for quality work, and use the below table as a framework for that conversation. 

The ranges take into account subject matter expertise, number of sources and original research, and of course, word count. For reference, B2B finance or enterprise tech SMEs fetch payment on the higher end of the spectrum, while lifestyle and B2C topics fall on the lower end.

Article (300–700 words) $255–$383
Article+ (700–1,000 words) $435–$683

Reported Article (400–700 words) $383–$574
Reported Article+ (700–1,000 words) $595–$893

Multi-Sourced Article (400 – 700 words) $808–$1,148
Multi Source Article+ (700 – 1,000 words) $935–$1,403

White Paper (1,000 – 2,000+ words) & E-Book (5,000+ words):

–$0.85/word for Vertical 1: Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment, Culture, Travel, Fashion
–$1.28/word for Vertical 2: Science, Consumer Tech, Healthcare, Consumer Finance
–$1.70/word for Vertical 3: B2B, Finance, Enterprise Tech, Law, Insurance

Please refer here for a detailed explanation of the different written formats.

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